Friday, October 12, 2012

Class # 3 Wednesday October 10, 2012

During this class we discussed three different terms, two I must admit that I needed to do some further research on.
The first, "Presuming Competence" was one I am fairly familiar with as a resource teacher.  One must never presume that a non verbal student is not intelligent.  This was reconfirmed for me while watching the video about a girl named Carley (I will share in a bit!)
The second term, "Convergence of Technology" was one I needed some more familiarizing with.  Technologies interacting and performing similar tasks sure sounds like the way of the future to me :)
And the third, "Dusruptive Technology", which is technology that displaces an already existing technology without warning.

We discussed Communication and were challenged to come up with 10 different modes of communicating, I think they fall into three different categories:
1.  Oral- this can be spoken language, singing music, poetry, newsbroadcasts, radio programs.
2.  Written Language- this can be anything from hyeroglyphics carved in stone, road, signs, posters, letters, books, magazine articles, newspapers to emails, instant messages and texts.
3.  Body language- gestures, stance etc. 

We watched a video in class that I immediately sent to one of our Program Support Assistants that has a great interest in Autism and Assistive Technology (I sure wish I could bring her to class with me!!) It was very emotional and hit home for (I am sure) many of us who work with students just like Carley. Here's the link...

Another similar situation that our professor suggested we check out was Amanda Baggs.  Her video, "In My Language" is below.

And finally, we ended our class using Proloquo2go on the Ipads....I am looking foward to completing our case study assignment with this program next class :)

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