Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wednesday October 24, 2012 Class # 5

Tonight we presented our Proloquo2go assignments.  There are a few thing we might have added and tweaked, but for the most part were satisfied with what we accomplished in the 3 hour class last week.  It was also great to see what the other groups came up with. Kudos to the group that came up with the "Texting" folder.  It was a great way to make using the program fun for the student and not simply a necessity item.

What I am MOST excited about is that I am going to be introducing the Proloquo2go to an elementary level student, who is currently not using a communication device at home.  I am unsure of what he is using at school. While visiting a friend I was sharing with her what I was working on in our masters course and she thought it sounded like a great fit for a young cousin of hers.  Would you believe that his Mom was told (reportedly by someone from the school....eeks!) that the program was very hard to set up and use!!!  At home he is unable to effectively communicate to his family when he needs the washroom, something to eat, etc.
Although I have been a resource teacher for several years, I have not yet worked with a student who is non-verbal at the high school level.  So this is going to be a learning experience for both of us, but I am confident that Proloquo2go is going to be a great fit for this young man and his family.  Will keep you all posted!!


  1. That is fantastic Francine! maybe a great case study:)

  2. This is wonderful! It frustrates me when people do not get the training they need to be helpful. This person has gone without a voice because the people who know how to do it weren't matched with him. What a great opportunity for you to assist him with gaining his voice.

    Good Luck, Stephanie

  3. What an amazing and rewarding learning experience this will be for the both of you!