Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday October 3, 2012 Class # 2

Second night in class and I feel like I'm actually accomplishing lots in just a few hours!!

We put together a book in the Ibooks program and it was just amazing!  As a Resource Teacher, my mind was racing about just how useful this would be for my caseload students.  Finally, a textbook that can talk to the struggling reader.....a multiple choice quiz with picture answers to choose from!

For my teacher friends, here's a short tutorial on how to use Ibooks Author...

The ways differention of instuction can be implemented makes my Resource Teacher mind race!!  Some ways to use Ibooks in the classroom might be:

Quizzes- Students can listen to the material and then to questions and chose the best answer- with the teacher knowing they have comprehended the questions!  This will eliminate the need for a support person to read or scan lengthy material for students!  What a concept!

Cloze activities- instead of note taking, students can complete a cloze activity accompanied with videos and animations.

Study guides/cards- with highlighted terms and teachers notes.

Social Stories- I think this will be a great idea.....often times we find ourselves using juvenille books and materials to teach Social Stories to high school age students.  It will be much easier to make them age appropriate with the Ibooks Author!
On the drive home I did some thinking about the Ibooks....yes, they are great, there's no doubt about that.  But the longer I drove and the more I thought (I have about 1 hr & 45 mins to get home, LOL) I had to question how time consuming putting these books together would be.  Let's face it, teachers are already swamped with enormous amounts of work.  But, I think once a book or material is finished within Ibooks Author, it will save tons of time in the long run.
See you all next week!

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  1. I agree on the huge amount of teacher time - it's a bit intimidating on top of everything else we're expected to do!