Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Class # 6 October 31, 2012

This was the class that we didn't have to go to class :)  However, we completed some interesting things online.  We viewed videos of students online using Proloquo2go....and if Oprah had been a teacher, this program would definetly be on her annual Favorite Things show!!  Here are the links to Nick, Ruby and Max.  Their stories really are amazing.  They are using this technology at home, school, even at the gym!!

This week I also had the opportunity to view Webinettes via Blackboard Collaborate for the first time.  And like the videos, I couldn't chose just one, but had to view them all :)  I just can't seem to learn enough about all the apps that can be utilized on the iPADs....I am always thinking of students that these apps would work well for, and even think/wish these had been available for students I've had in the past.  I teach a course called Life Work Transition at the senior high level, and I think that many of the visual schedule apps could even be used post high school for individuals in assisted living situations.
I especially enjoyed the two student led webinettes.  I always learn best by watching a demonstration rather than having to sit down and read instructions myself, so the teacher demos were great, but seeing the students using these programs was even better!
As a resource teacher, I think that I could support classroom teachers to integrate these technologies into their classrooms by sharing these videos as well as webinettes so they are aware that these apps are often very simple to utilize and manipulate and very valuable resources to the students that need them!!!

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