Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Class # 7, Wednesday November 7, 2012

We spent some time discussing Universal Design for Learning.  This framework recognizes that learners are all unique in the ways in which they learn and require multiple means of representation, expression and engagement.  As a resource teacher, this is paramount in my daily activities with students and while co-teaching with my colleagues.  Here is a short video from CAST that gives an overview of UDL.

Throughout class, our professor discussed several apps for students with various needs.  Some that were most interesting to me were;

Prizmo- to assist with scanning, speech and OCR.  We used this program a bit on the ipad in class, and although a fantastic program, the picture of text must be taken in a very well lit environment, othewise it will not read the document properly. 

 Pages- a word processor (much like Microsoft Word) that can define words at your fingertips, and is very simple to insert images and design anything from posters to writing a resume.

Pic Collage- This app is also very simple to use and accessible for many students.  We were able to take a picture of a document and then easily add text, images etc.  It can also be used on both the iphone and ipad.

For assignment # 2, we began working on finding some apps to make a particular activity accessible for the entire class.  My partner and I were off to a great start, but I forsee that we will have difficulty making the activity accessible for one particular student, but two heads are always better than one.  While looking for some apps that might be suitable, I found a few websites worthy of sharing :)

Special EducationApps,

Mom's with Apps is really worth checking out...


  1. Love the Link to the Apps for Special Education. Thank you for sharing it, :)