Monday, November 19, 2012

Class # 8 Wednesday November 14, 2012

This was a working I appreciate those!  There is so very little time in our work week to sit down and collaborate with colleages, let's face it, although soooo important, we just don't have the time!  The classes that we are able to do this are appreciated and certainly invaluable :) 

So, we are ready to present our assignment next class.  make the lesson accessible for a class including students who had difficulty with reading, visually impaired, autism, cerebral palsy etc. Our task was to get an assignment/handout from a teacher at our school and adapt it appropriately for each student using assistive technology.  Its always so interesting to see how the groups within our class can take such different approaches to the same assignment, and how we can learn from each of them. 

The other part of this assignment was to take the ways in which we had adapted the assignment back to the teacher we had "borrowed" it from and share what we had done.  My partner and I actually didn't use the assignment that I had collected from a teacher at my school, but used the one he had brought instead.  So, I offered to share it with a friend of mine who is currently doing a practice teaching term in grade 2 (the grade level that we completed our assignment for).  As a new teacher I think she was appreciative of the knowledge I bestowed upon her :)  We actually installed a few free apps on her ipad that she thought would work for a couple of her students.   Unfortunately, this was her own personal ipad, and the school where she is does not provide any for student use.  Oh well....hopefully someday soon!

On my hunt for useful apps and websites I found two more that I'd like to share :)

and this one is for kids that are younger, but I thought was still quite valuable, maybe for an individual who works with Early Intervention (I'll be sharing with my sister!!) or a program that works with pre-school age kids.

See you all next class!

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