Monday, December 17, 2012

Class # 12 Wednesday December 12

And this is last blog entry!  Our last class was spent sharing our case studies.  What a fantastic job by each and everyone of my classmates!

Case Study "S" was presented by Tricia.  "S" is a  grade 3 student who enjoys technology.  She struggles with reading and writing.  "S" has  ADD and for technology use, she utilizes paper port and word Q.

 Anne presented her Case Study on "Jaden".  He is a grade 6 student but reads at grade 1 level. The technology that he currently uses is Co writer and Write Out Loud.  Jaden has a special story, he suffered from a brain tumour when he was very young and was recently given an ipad through a grant.  He is considered an optimal user :)  The before and after work samples are awesome!!  Love his ibook!!!  Jaden's story was especially encouraging to me as a good friend of mine had a  baby who was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor and given only weeks to live, exactly one year ago this month.  She has struggled more than I can comprehend and although will likely cope with cognitive and developmental difficulties throughout her life, is currently tumour free and looking foward lots of exciting years in the future :)
Janet shared her casestudy on "J", a grade 9 student who suffers from ADHD and often has inappropriate behavior at school. He produced a fantastic Imovie on the Hunger Games.

Issac presented his casestudy on "A" who is a 13 year old student with high sensory needs.  Issac certainly works with a challenging caseload this year…..kudos to him!!

 Traci presented on an Early Literacy Intervention group of grade 1 students.  Love the presentation format :)  I loved the Show Me app. I also thought the Sand trays were fantastic- will use at home with my 4 year old to practice writing his name!!  Great low tech idea!
Scott  presented on a Grade 1 female that he works with on his resource caseload.  Also enjoyed seeing the apps that she is using at school and the quality of work produced when the technology is integrated!

Overall, I have really enjoyed this course.  The last few courses I have taken have been online, so it was nice to see real people in a classroom again- especially since I am on Mat Leave and am disconnected from my students as well!  I have learned a great deal from the presentations and blogs of my classmates, each of whom comes from different backgrounds and perspectives- from working with elementary school students to adults.
On a more personal and meaningful level, I have been introduced to two families (one of which I based my case study on) that I have been able to support and their students using AT at home. For this reason I feel like I am able to put what I have learned to good use.  Yes, when I finish this degree in the spring, the pay increment will be a nice bonus, but I can truly feel like it has all been worth it after all.


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