Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday December 5, 2012 Class # 11

Tonight our class began case study presentations.  Darcie works with a female student (Mary) who is in grade 10 and has a vision impairment. What I found most interesting is that she has a condition called Nystagamus, which is involuntary eye shaking.  On a side note, I can voluntarily do this but can only do it for about 30 seconds until it becomes uncomfortable.  I can't imagine having to deal with it while trying to do school work on a daily basis.  Mary is a strong advocate for herself. She is able to use an app to scan documents for her to read she is able to use the ipad to scan and enlarge documents as opposed to photocopying and having large paper at her desk…It was obvious that Darcy has a close working relationship with Mary.  The second presentation was by Emily.  She presented a case study about a grade 3 student named E. She loves arts and crafts. She is using various apps on th ipad. The third case study was by Stephanie about Paul, an adult male. He has epilepsy and his seizures continually decrease his cognitive abilities. He relates everything he does to Star Trek and considers himself an author using the ipad as a writing tool for his stories.  The before and after work samples were just amazing!

During the second half of class, we were fortunate enough to take part in the Grade 6 technology presentations at Hebbville Academy.  I can't describe how impressed I was!!  The students were so familiar with the technology,were fantastic presenters and handled their audiences very well!!  I especially enjoyed sitting back to watch the pure amazment on their parents faces :)  Their teachers have obviously done a fantastic job incorporating technology into their classrooms!!

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